Verifier URI for Storage Index otwzmj7c

Size of file: 1311 MiB

This URI is not currently being checked.

This verifier URI will expire from our systems at 2018-04-15T05:26:40

Last checked at: 2018-12-11T03:12:29.112722

Check Time Successful? Duration of Check Speed (bytes/second)
2018-12-07T12:57:30.278076 19min, 11s 1166 KiB/s
2018-12-08T01:17:16.203265 19min, 45s 1132 KiB/s
2018-12-08T13:35:31.801246 18min, 15s 1225 KiB/s
2018-12-09T01:55:23.583676 19min, 51s 1126 KiB/s
2018-12-09T14:14:16.582624 18min, 52s 1185 KiB/s
2018-12-10T02:33:59.889905 19min, 43s 1134 KiB/s
2018-12-10T14:53:41.182678 19min, 41s 1136 KiB/s
2018-12-11T03:12:29.112722 18min, 47s 1190 KiB/s